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Emanuele Stracchi

“La Musica e il Trauma”, Amarganta Editrice, 2018



Emanuele Stracchi

“La musica in Platone e Nietzsche. Contrappunto di due antitesi in relazione all’odierna musica contemporanea”, in “Platone nel pensiero moderno e contemporaneo”, Vol. XIII, a cura di Andrea Muni, Limina Mentis Editore, Villasanta, 2017

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In this essay of aesthetic and philosophical nature on music in Plato and Nietzsche we want to propose a “comparison” of two totally opposing and antithetical visions, trying to find points of convergence, affinity and continuity, in relation to the many theories that gravitate in the orbit of Contemporary Music. The engine that moves the essay is the belief that the Platonic and Nietzschean traces still represent an essential contribution from an aesthetic-musical point of view. For this reason, the essay is structured in three short chapters: the first, on Plato; the second, on Nietzsche; the last, contains a hypothesis of a new kind of musical listening. In conclusion, contemporary music, destined for a “new type of human”, open to plurality and research, a work in progress in which Plato and Nietzsche still have much to say.


Valerio Valeri, un compositore da riscoprire

Valerio Valeri ritratto
Valerio Valeri (1790-1858)








Ligeti, Musica Ricercata per pianoforte

Dopo “Musica Ricercata”, concerto al Templum Pacis di Terminillo (Rieti), 2017









Boezio e il De Institutione Musica. Tratti sul pensiero del “nume tutelare” della musica nel Medioevo